The Button Presser

Hi, I'm Ben. I press buttons. I don't press your buttons. Just my buttons. Really expensive buttons. On my camera.

Not a lot to brag about on this bio. I'm just a regular guy with fantastically shiny long hair. I'm happily married to my high school sweetheart. It took me two years to figure out she was the one. Ten years to propose. And only five minutes into the engagement to realize I was a groomzilla. It's been ten years since our wedding. In that short time, we've managed to bang out two monsters that continue to humble us, every single day. Averie is my princess and Keelan is my prodigy. Pictured below -- shooting my friend's wedding. 

I take photos. Of real life. Real love. Real people. It doesn't take much to make a nice photo. Just two people, madly in love, fabulous lighting conditions, an intimate moment and lightning quick reflexes to capture it all on a single frame. A single image. A single second in time. That's it. Easy peasy.

And for some of my non-wedding stuff, check out my Commercial Photography and the Creative Agency I started with an ol buddy. It's kind of like weddings, but instead of bridezillas, I'm working with pro athletes and celebrities, and instead of crazy mother of the brides, I'm working with art directors. Same same but different. The important thing to know is I can handle both.

For some insight on the daily, follow me on Instagram @benpigao.